MARS Building specialises in all aspects of the building industry including maintenance, facility management and remedial works across all development types and building styles.

With the knowledge of your design, influence on the physical built and understanding of the history of your materials MARS Building can customise a comprehensive and quality plan to protect and maintain your asset.

Whether MARS was the original builder of your project or not, their extensive experience in the Maintenance and Facility Management sector, has resulted in MARS developing and refining the tools to monitor, audit, inspect and manage your development on an ongoing basis to ensure you save time and money through management efficiencies, quality outcomes and minimal downtime or disruption to your occupants, tenants or staff.

Call or email MARS if you are interested in discussing how they can assist you with your project. No property is too big or small for the team at MARS Building.

Our clients include:

University Of Newcastle, Australia
Tetrin Engineering
CSTM Strata Group


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